Humble Enterprises happily welcomes press/media outlets from all over the Southern United States (and anywhere else in the world), and we’re extremely honored in your interest in covering our event(s). However, before you apply, please understand…

Your media access only allows access during public hours. Your media access does not allow for any early or special access, does not allow you to cut lines, does not guarantee you special seating, does not guarantee you any special autograph access, nor does it allow for free autographs from any of the celebrity guests.

If you want to attend the event and film/record for your podcast, Vlog, etc., please feel free to do so, but do not approach guests for interviews nor assume any access should be granted. 

Media outlets are highly encouraged to contact us early to plan for interviews ahead of the show date. We want your help in promoting our event in exchange for the media access you seek. 

Everyone attending any Humble Enterprises event with media access must follow all of our policies – including, but not limited to, our anti-harassment rules.

Media access is open to journalists making regular editorial contributions only. This includes writers, reporters, reviewers, producers, photographers, and cameramen who are attending specifically to cover and help promote our event ahead of time. 

Media access will not be approved for outlets who don’t meet journalistic qualifications. We will check the legitimacy and content of every application that is submitted and base our judgment for approval on what we see. 

Media access is non-transferable. You cannot sell or loan out your media access and anyone conducting such behavior will have their access revoked and will be disqualified from any access at future events. 

Interviews with guests cannot be scheduled at the event nor generally happen on site. All of our guests have approved schedules and any on-site requests will not be granted. All interview requests must be approved by each guest’s management team prior to any event. 

Please understand that simply submitting the following application for media access does not guarantee your approval. It is only after your full form is received, reviewed, and approved that media access will be issued. You will receive an email when/if your application has been approved for the event(s) you have submitted. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

Humble Enterprises reserves the right to approve or deny any application. This decision is final and cannot be appealed. Include any and all information in your application that will allow our team to make an informed decision – you won’t be able to submit further information once your application has been received.

If you have read all of the above and are ready to proceed, please continue.