Working hard
staying humble

Superior service, personalized attention

Humble Enterprises is the parent company for a well rounded, diverse list of companies celebrating everything from female horror royalty, to an oft misunderstood holiday, to a region of folks who are smarter than given credit for. One of our biggest goals is to raise awareness for brands and always follow the simple rule: work hard, stay humble.

With over a decade working in the live events industry, a masters degree in public relations and journalism, a history with writing for national and local media, prior service in the military, and countless other work and life experiences, Gregory Hallows is in charge of virtually every aspect of Humble Enterprises and its variety of endeavors.

Not one to tackle projects alone, he has a wonderful team of dedicated and knowledgeable people working alongside him that he can count on to help get any task completed, all with a wonderful mixture of compassion, empathy, and care.

If you choose to work with us here at Humble, know that you are getting a team full of individuals who are dedicated to having fun together, taking care of each other like family, all while accomplishing the task at hand to the greatest of their abilities.